How to remove tonsil stones without gag reflex

Tonsil stones are common for people with profound tonsil craters. This is an odd white calcium-like deposit that forms around the healthy tonsils. Tonsil stones are caused by bacteria which feed on food remains lodged in tonsil craters. They are mostly irregular in shape and can sometimes appear yellowish.These foul-smelling globs can be quite problematic when it comes to removing as they’ll mostly cause a gag reflex. Below are some guides on how to eliminate tonsil stones without having a gag reflex.

Use of an angled toothbrushhgkkbkb,jm

Ordinary toothbrushes only end up causing more gagging in an attempt to eradicate tonsil stones. This problem can easily be solved by the utilization of an angled toothbrush that is equipped with longer than the naturally angled bristles. The bristles are used gently to scratch at the globs until they come out.

Use of salt water

Health experts have asserted to the fact that gargling with salt water can help to remove tonsil stones without gag reflex. It’s a simple process of mixing water with a teaspoonful of salt, gargle with the water for about 2 minutes, 3-4 times a day. Gargling leads to a gradual but effective removal of debris.

Use of a Waterpik

A Waterpik is a fast way to remove debris from different parts of the mouth. You flush the oral cavity with pressured water. A Waterpik smoothly removes tonsil stones without any pain. Besides cleaning the mouth, this instrument will dislodge debris from your tonsil craters efficiently and with little or no gag reflex.

Flex your throat

hkjhjvmmvmFlexing the throat tenses the tonsils and helps to push tonsil stone out of the cavities. It is done by flexing the throat muscles while sticking the tongue out. If well done, tonsil stones might push out of the craters.Flexing make tonsil stones pop out and enable you to see them better. You can use a mirror and your clean index finger to reach into them and gently scratch them off.

Using Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is known to kill microorganisms by oxidizing them. As mentioned above, tonsil stones are a result of bacterial activity in the mouth. The antibacterial properties of hydrogen peroxide will make it hard for bacteria to survive. You can use hydrogen peroxide for mouth washing if you are trying to get rid of tonsil stones. You can also fill an eye dropper and drip gently on the tonsils.