Postnatal Massage Benefits

The period immediately after the birth of a child to around six weeks is referred to as a postnatal period. This is the time the body, uterus size, and hormones of the mother return to the state of non-pregnant. According to the World Heath Organization (WHO), the postnatal period is the most neglected phase of a new mother. The period is also regarded as the most critical stage. WHO state that a lot of deaths occur during this time. It is essential for mothers to get the services of post natal massage singapore therapists during this period. There are several postnatal massage benefits that mothers should reap.

Ten benefits of undergoing a postnatal massage

1. Relaxes The Bodywerewrwerwrwr

Any properly done massage leads to relaxation. A massage to a new mother will enable her to relax her strained muscles. This helps a mother relax and sleep properly.

2. Help in Skin Exfoliation

Massaging with oils are very effective in skin exfoliation.

3. Minimizes Stress Hormones

Nursing mothers may produce cortisol, the stress hormones. A good massage reduces the production of these stress hormones. The exercise also eliminates any postnatal depression.

4. Increases Production of Breast Milk

A massage can stimulate the production of Oxytocin, the hormone that boosts breast milk production.

5. Reduces Weight

Pregnant mothers put on weight. A regularly done massage reduces this weight thus assisting in body toning. The massage does this by eliminating excess body fluids that may lead to gaining weight.

6. Boosts Blood Circulation

Massage helps in increasing blood circulation in a mother’s body. This, in turn, promotes oxygen circulation in the body which is very important.

7.Helps in Stretch Marks Lightening

Massaging using particular oils can assist in stretch marks elimination or lightening.

8. Makes Muscles and Nerves to esfwerqrBecome Flexible

The massage procedure is important in providing flexibility to stretched nerves and muscles of a nursing mother.

9. Speeds Up Caesarean Section Recovery

For mothers who deliver through the C-Section, postnatal massage helps in healing of your wound quickly.

10. Helps in Relieving Pain

The many aches and pains new mother experiences can be eliminated by a postnatal massage. Massage stimulates the production of endorphins. The endorphins are responsible for relieving of aches and pains.

Nursing mothers should consider a postnatal massage. They can eliminate all the unpleasant experiences a new mother undergoes by having the exercise. Most mothers who get involved in this activity get a lot of help from these postnatal massage benefits. The massage is the perfect way to go back to your pre-pregnancy body.