The Top Paddle Board

In the market, there is the existence of different kinds of paddle board brands. Therefore, decision making is made difficult when an individual decides on the name and the type to purchase. Click here for the top paddle boards. The following are some of the descriptions of the top or best paddle boards available in the market;


Tower paddle

hhjhjhjhjhjTelevision series known as Shark Tank made the tower paddle boards a popular brand in the market.  Some incredibly priced SUP boards in all various kinds, size, and shape are provided by the tower paddle boards. Great pricing is charged by tower paddle boards through avoiding the corporate markup and delivery the board directly to an individual. The tower paddle boards have got the right quality despite their prices being affordable to persons who may wish to purchase them.

Starboard SUP

In the current market, starboard is regarded as the leading firms of manufacturing paddle boards of high premium quality. Year in year out starboard has developed innovative products in the market. Almost every kind of stand up paddle is provided by the Starboard SUP. Examples of Starboard SUP are SUP race, inflatable SUP, SUP surf, Kids SUP, SUP race and many more kinds. Starboard usually deliver premium paddle board.

Fanatic SUP

The fanatic paddle board was introduced in the market in the year 1981. The fanatic company often produces Fanatic SUP board as well as premium quality surfboards and windsurf boards. A collection of SUPs which are inflatable is created by the creative, unique and vast side of Fanatic SUP. The Fanatic SUP is employed in racing, touring, kids ups and so on. The community’s lifestyle is pushed by the fanatic paddle by making them part of the team once an individual purchases the brand of fanatic SUP board.


An extensive collection of water sports boards is manufactured by the Bic Company. The Bic Company is considered as the leading producer of windsurfing boards in the world for over twenty years. Other products such as kayaks, boats, and surfboards are manufactured by Bic. For a respected and reliable brand of paddle board, the Bic SUP should be considered.

Red Paddleboard

ghghhghghghghInflatable boards of high quality with unique features are produced by Red Paddle Company. The majority of paddle boarders do not consider purchasing the inflatable type because of the many disadvantages it has. Red paddle boards are the best choice for whitewater paddling, SUP racing, SUP surfing and board for leisure. Red Paddle firm provides paddle boards which are inflatable and are of high premium quality and the best rigidity.