Choosing the best headphones for binaural beats

Brain Entrainment is a process whereby binaural beats or soundwave patterns induce your mind to a meditative state. This process has been used by individuals to attain different results including reduction of stress, creativity, sleep induction, spiritual enlightenment and sexual enhancement. As it is discernable from the preceding examples brain entrainment is aimed at enhancement of brain functions that are otherwise underutilized. Various experiences could be heightened with the help of brain entrainment.
Holosync is a neuro-audio technology that allows you to enter a variety of desired meditative states. Thiefbekwbfkewjbfk42s type of binaural beats are heard through different mediums, but it is prescribed that you use headphones to attain the maximum effects of the beats like Holosync. Thereby you are able to receive two different waves through each ear, and a third wave will effectively put in a meditative state. At times these waves can be uncomfortable to hear, but Holosync is designed with soundtracks so that they are more comfortable to listen to. This design makes you think that the waves are not there, but in truth, they’ve just been made unnoticeable through the catchy soundtrack.

Therefore earphones play a vital role and you should in that regard choose them wisely. Hereunder are some tips for choosing the best headphones for binaural beats.

Minimal enhancement

It is prudent to ensure that the headphones which you settle for are not intended to boost sound in a way that the bass is so high and the smooth frequency is, well, smooth. You ought to purchase headphones that are engineered to perform bran entrainment functions. There are specific frequencies that are desirable for particular purposes. In essence, the less enhanced the headphones are, the more they are likely to attain maximum results. It is important that you avoid headphones that are have altered the sound and go for those that retain their initial sound frequencies.


dajfbhebfhebwfwMeditation could take a considerable amount of time depending on the desired effects. If you intend to do deep meditation, then it is imperative that you obtain headphones that are not uncomfortable to the extent that they distract you. Meditation requires great focus, and uncomfortable headphones could deter the chances of attaining maximum results. Essentially, they should be adequately padded.


It is advisable to visit various websites that major in brain entrainment in order to get a clear view on the market prices. Such research ensures that you are well informed to purchase reasonably and at a standard cost. However, it is advisable that you select the headphones based on performance rather than price.