Side Effects Of The Acid Reflux Drugs On The Kidney

Drugs that are used to reduce stomach acid may pose a high risk to the development of chronic kidney diseases. Such medications have some serious negative effects that may cause the kidney problems if not well controlled. Commonly known as heartburn, stomach acid is a condition that can be treated with proton pump inhibitors (PPI). These drugs are often associated with long-term kidney problems. Such drugs include Prevacid, Nexium, and Prilosec. The medicines are used for acid reflux treatment through lowering of stomach acids.

r5u67yet45ytrhgfWhile there is no direct link between PPIs and chronic kidney diseases, there have been established effects to the kidney problems if one is taking these drugs. Use of these medications may be linked to kidney inflammations also known as acute interstitial nephritis. These drugs are very common worldwide. They are used to ease the symptoms of acid reflux as well as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). The drugs can be used t treat stomach or peptic ulcers or the damage caused by acid reflux to the lower esophagus.

The amount of acid produced in the stomach by the cells in the lining can be reduced by these drugs. While they are not like the antacids – which help to neutralize the acids – these drugs avoid production of the acid itself. The side effects of these PPIs vary from one type to another. There are increased risks of kidney disease in PPI users. According to a number of scientific findings, there is a possibility for increased BMI for those using PPIs. Over time, PPI drug users are known to develop chronic kidney disease.

If you have acid reflux problems, using stomach acid suppressants is an option you might be considering. However, some health risks come with this way of medication. The acid is very useful in the absorption of vitamin B12. It is this acid that separates the proteins attached to the vitamin B12 thus making it easy for absorption in the body. Using the suppressants may also present other health problems such as anemia, dementia, nerve damage, and psychiatric disorders among others. Further, these drugs may negatively affect the magnesium levels in the body.trjyfgfvfbgnft

It is advisable for every stomach acid drugs user to consult with their doctor in case of any kidney issues. The medication comes with some side effects that could affect the kidneys. If the effects are not tamed, there is a high possibility of developing some unwanted kidney problems.